2013 Ultimate Mix

We Are Two Months Into 2014 But Lets Look Back to 2013 And reminisce Of The Tunes That Caused Us To TURRRRNN UPP!!!


R&B Mix

They say that R&B is dead…..Well Yes I can’t lie its not looking great for the genre but it doesn’t mean that you should write it off there are new talent coming through the cracks….Anyway here my R&B 2012/2013 mix to show that R&B still lives on

A Look Back @ 2012 in Hip-Hop

Yes I know its been awhile since I put up a post I’ve just been very busy organising and sorting out  a few things….Now I’m Back!!!!

Anyway 2012 was a great year for me, I have done and seen a lot and here is my mix of some the bangers that rocked 2012 in hip-hop enjoy!!!

This year there will be more mixes and live performances from

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